On The Grow™ Rumble Tumble Tummy Time™ Class

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Help baby’s development with a Rumble Tumble Tummy Time Class!

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On The Grow™  Rumble Tumble Tummy Time™ Class.  This class will guide you in helping your babies to grow and develop properly.


With today’s guidelines for babies to sleep on their backs and the amount of time that babies spend in car seats, bouncy seats, and cribs, babies often don’t get enough tummy time to aid in their development.  Not enough tummy time can cause delays in your baby sitting up, crawling, walking and even brain development.  Some babies can even develop flat heads from too much time in one position.  Coupled with excessive time in car seats, bouncy seats, etc. and babies not used to being on their tummies, they are often fussy, and parents give up too soon.


Each week in this interactive 45-minute class, Tina will teach you simple techniques to help your baby enjoy this much-needed developmental stage.  The class offers a fun and informative opportunity for moms to interact with other moms as well as helping to establish a regimen for moms to use at home for their babies’ tummy time development.


When:  Thursdays  11:30am – 12:15pm
Instructor:  Tina Cavanaugh, Certified Baby Signs® Instructor and On The Grow™ Educator
Sessions:  Four-weeks
Ages Appropriate:  2 months – 6 months


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About The Instructor

Tina Cavanaugh

Tina has a Bachelor of Science Degree and 10 years of sign language classes at Austin Sign Language School. Prior to Tina’s work with toddlers and children, her previous work experience includes I.T. (Information Technology) support at Motorola, U.T. (Pickle Research) and Schlotzky’s Corporate Offices. Tina’s calling for working with young children, however, led her to working throughout Austin teaching Tummy Time and Sibling Classes as well as Baby Signing Classes. Tina’s classes are always fun and engaging, and her patience and understanding of young children make her classes a delightful experience for even the youngest!

Tina’s Certifications:
Certified in Infant and Child CPR and First Aid
Baby Signs® Certified Independent Instructor and On the Grow™ Educator since 2009