Super Flange Breastpump Flanges


The perfect flange…and the perfect angle.  Takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing the right size flange, too.

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The Super Flange Breastpump Flanges by Pumpin’ Pal allow you to sit back comfortably while pumping. By creating a special angle, the flanges fit the breasts more comfortably and reduce milk drips that sometimes occur with traditional flanges. If you are unsure of your exact flange size, the Super Sit-Back Flanges are a good place to start because they offer a wider range of sizes in one flange  for a proper fit.  Super Sit-Back Pumping Flanges with Anti-Plugged Duct Design


  • Eliminates constriction of milk ducts caused by traditional flanges
  • Promotes better flow
  • Reduces irritation to the nipple area
  • Helps users to sit-back in a reclining position while pumping
  • Considerably more comfortable than traditional flanges
  • Works with Medela®, Ameda Hollister®, and Bailey® pumps
  • Can be used with hands-free systems for the ultimate in relaxed and productive pumping
  • Especially effective for new moms and C-section moms
  • Aids in the prevention of mastitis and other breast infections caused by plugged ducts

Select a size:

  • Medium:  23 – 29 mm
  • Large:  30-35 mm
  • XL:  35 – 41 mm



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