Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Depeche Mode

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Rockabye Baby transforms rock favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two. Tonight, the cradle will rock.

Just can’t get enough sleep? Babies are babies but why should it be that you get no peace. Rockabye Baby answers your prayer for a night of joyous silence. The next time your little one plans on being up all night, try spinning our lullaby renditions of these Depeche Mode favorites. It’s all the baby ever wanted and all they’ve ever needed.

Personal Jesus

Just Can’t Get Enough

Everything Counts

Policy of Truth


Walking In My Shoes

World In My Eyes

It’s No Good

Little 15


People Are People

Enjoy The Silence

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