Pura Kiki® Natural Vent Nipples™

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Pura Kiki® Natural Vent Nipples™ – the natural way for feeding baby.

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Pura’s feeding systems are not only the safest in the world but the new Natural Vent Nipple™ was designed to mimic the variable flow rate of breastfeeding. These new nipples employ a new shape that promotes a better seal between the baby and the nipple, an elongated vent to reduce colic and spit-ups, and the use of multiple holes in the tip to achieve different flow rates.

 Flow Rate:  Slow Flow; Medium Flow; Fast Flow
Note:  When introducing bottle feeding to a breastfed baby, the age of the baby should not determine the nipple flow.  Use the flow rate that would best match the mother’s milk flow to make transitioning from bottle back to breast an easier process.

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