Danish Woolen Original Wool Nursing Pads

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Wool Nursing Pads are a more natural, eco-conscious product for every nursing mother.  These wool pads are incredibly soft and soothingly comfortable. Most women need only 2 pairs of the Original for their entire nursing experience.

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Product Description

Why wear wool pads versus disposables or other washable pads?

Unlike traditional cotton nursing pads, The Danish Woolen Original Wool Nursing Pads contain natural lanolin to keep skin dry, promote breathability, and help heal sore nipples.  They create a feeling of warmth that often is helpful in treatment of Reynaud’s Syndrome.   We often associate wool with scratchiness and irritation, but the Danish Woolen Pads are unbelievably soft, non irritating, and actually soothing with their natural lanolin content.

Note:  The pad at the right in this image shows the size of a traditional disposable bra pad.






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  • Made of untreated merino wool containing natural lanolin.
  • Keeps skin dry and able to breathe allowing sore nipples to heal.
  • Protects breasts from wind and cold often preventing plugged ducts and mastitis.
  • Absorbs up to 40% of their own weight without feeling wet.
  • Creates a feeling of warmth when absorbing milk.
  • Absorbs moisture converting it to lanolin-soap which has an antibacterial effect.
  • Is naturally hypoallergenic as no chemicals are used in lanolin extraction.
  • Looks smoother and less revealing than other washable and disposable pads.
  • Can be boiled when treating for yeast infections.
  • Are often helpful in treatment of Reynaud's Syndrome by keeping breasts warm, dilating blood vessels.

Fitting hints

  • Oval/Teardrop intended for repetitive plugged ducts in armpit.
  • Choose size based on measurements and gauge against breast size.

Many women who choose size Large opt for the Oval shaped pads which follow the shape of the breast and bra more closely.  The choice depends upon where you want more coverage.

Fabric and Care

How to Care for your Wool Nursing Pads:

When needed, wash by hand in lukewarm water with mild hair shampoo, alternating with LANACare 20% Lanolin-Soap. LANA's lanolin-replenishing soap has a much higher lanolin content than most other wool-washes and will keep your pads feeling soft and soothing. New documentation shows that putting a newly washed wool nursing pad in the microwave for 2 minutes removes all bacteria!