Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder 80 ml


The Medela Mini Special Needs Feeder:  For babies with special feeding circumstances such  oral/facial abnormalities such as cleft lip/palate and feeding/sucking problems.

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In cases of severe feeding problems, the Medela Special Needs Feeder 80 ml offers an alternative to spoons, enlarged and/or extra holes in bottle nipples, and nasogastric tubes. It is so effective and easy to use that it can change feeding sessions from difficult or traumatic experiences into a pleasurable activity for health care professionals, parents, and babies.



  • Variable flow rate controlled by feeder and baby
  • Responds to baby's tongue and gum activity (stripping action) rather than sucking
  • Sensitive to the weakest feeding effort
  • one-way valve prevents flooding or overwhelming baby
  • Venting system prevents air turbulence
  • Autoclavable & boilable
  • Sterile packaging
  • Single patient use
  • English/Spanish/French instructions


The unique teat of the SpecialNeeds Feeder is separated from the container by a one-way valve.  Once filled, milk is held in the teat and cannot flow back into the container.  Without air near the teat, all of baby's sucking effort is directed toward the fluid contents so even the weakest suck gets results.

The slit-valve in the SpecialNeeds Feeder mouthpiece opens only when baby sucks.  Baby has complete control and is never overwhelmed with too much milk.

The SpecialNeeds Feeder provides relief from lengthy and stress-filled feedings because its innovative design rewards the weakest suck,  never floods and helps reduce gas, vomiting and colic associated with air swallowed while feeding.

The SpecialNeeds Feeder has an air inlet groove allowing air in at the same rate as milk is released.  As air pressure constantly equalizes, no air re-enters the teat, thus avoiding air swallowing.  This feature minimizes the vacuum build-up that could work against baby's sucking efforts.

WARNING:  The SpecialNeeds & Mini-SpecialNeeds Feeders are unsuitable for babies with a poor swallow reflex.  Do not use the feeders without the valve.

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