Medela STERILE 16 mm CONTACT Nipple Shield


Medela Nipple Shields, worn over the nipple and areola, have a special design that allows an uninterrupted flow of breast milk while providing a larger surface for the baby to latch on to.

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Medela STERILE 16 mm CONTACT Nipple Shield,  Because Nipple Shields may diminish the stimulation needed to sustain lactation and also promote nipple confusion in newborns,  they should be used only with the supervision of a professional who can monitor the baby’s intake from the breast.

The ‘Contact’ style nipple shield has a cut-out section of the shield for more skin-to-skin contact with your baby.




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Fitting hints

Fitting Hints from the Special Addition Lactation Consultants:

In selecting a nipple shield, please note the following:

  • Pay careful attention to the size of your baby's mouth.  Size of nipple shield should not be totally determined by a mother's nipple size since a deep latch can't be obtained if the nipple shield is too large for your baby's mouth.
  • Nipple shields are made of silicone and do not feel like a mom's natural skin.  While they do help some babies to breastfeed, they may interfere with baby's learning to breastfeed at the breast in the early weeks.   It's advised to seek the care of a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC, to assist you in breastfeeding and reaching your breastfeeding goals.