SALE! Medela Lactina™ Select Hospital Grade Breastpump


Medela Lactina® Select Hospital Grade/Multi-User Rental Breastpump is ideal for long-term and frequent pumping.   The Lactina offers built-in vacuum release to protect moms against excessive or prolonged suction.

More Information

Product Description

REDUCING OUR CURRENT RENTAL STATION INVENTORY.   With its piston-driven motor, the Lactina Select offers smooth, quiet pumping action.

  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjustable vacuum level


A Lactina Select Breastpump Accessory Kit is needed with this breastpump.





• Ideal for initiating and sustaining milk supply.
• Ideal for long term, daily use
• Automatic suck/release/relax phases imitating baby's feeding cycle.
• Variable speed and vacuum settings.
• Double or single pumping options.
• Manual pump option within accessory kit.
• Vehicle lighter power option (adapter sold separately).
• Lightweight for ease in transporting.
• Includes carrying case for transporting.
• Kit (sold separately) converts to a manual pump.
• Uses Lactina Double Pumping Kit (sold separately).

Rental Contracts

Rental Contracts:

1 Week (7 days) - $20.30
1 Month (30 days) -  $55.50
3 Month (90 days) - $155.70
5 Month (150 days) $205.50

Contract Details:

  • Payment by credit card required
  • Deposit of $20 required
  • Current driver's license w/photo ID
  • Signed contract by individual accepting responsibility for use of the breastpump
  • Early Return penalty may apply for returns made prior to agreed upon contract.

Fitting hints

Should you feel you need a smaller or a larger flange (horn that attaches to the breastshield adapter/base), please inquire about our Pump/Flange Consultations with one of our professionals.  We also can check the efficiency of your pump during this consultation.

Please call Special Addition 512-326-9308 to inquire about scheduling an Office Pump/Flange Consult.


The Medela Lactina or Medela Symphony/Lactina™ Double Pumping System is required with the Lactina Breastpump.  Special Addition stocks all individual replacement parts for use with the Lactina.  You don't need to buy the whole pumping kit.