Medela BabyWeigh™ Rental Scale

For electronic measurement of baby’s weight just before and just after breastfeeding.  The difference between these two weights equals breastmilk intake.  Ideal for both professional and home use.

More Information

Product Description

Rental option only.

When baby arrives early or has medical issues, health care providers turn to the Medela BabyWeigh Scale™.  Measures breastmilk intake by weighing baby before and after breastfeeding.  Fully automatic and accurate to 2 grams. For infants weighing under 6,000 grams (approximately 13 lbs.)

Rental available in the Austin, Texas, area only.

Our customers’ may use a scale in our Special Addition store  for occasional weight and feeding weight checks.  Please sign in at the front counter and ask for instructions on the scale’s use on your first shopping trip.

Rental Contracts

Rental options for the Baby Weigh Scale are

  • 1 week rental - $30.10
  • 1 month rental - $91.50

$20 refundable deposit
Payment by credit card
Early return penalty could apply