Growing Bellies & Babies – Lady Bits & Beyond: A Pelvic Floor Workshop

Attention ladies! Do you grab your lady parts when you sneeze? How about when you jump? Do you leak when you exercise? Rachel Mueller, PT, DPT, from Sullivan Physical Therapy will be presenting on all things you ever wondered about your pelvic floor; what’s normal, what’s not normal, and when to seek help.She will be discussing a variety of different diagnoses such as prolapse, incontinence, & pelvic pain as well as different treatments that can initiate the road to recovery. She will also be discussing the importance of strengthening for the pelvis and why kegels may not be the panacea for pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Free Mini Sessions – April 24, 2019

10:15 -Lady Bits and Beyond. A Pelvic Floor Workshop with Rachel Mueller, PT, DPT.

Pre-Registration is not required, but it would be helpful and will ensure a seat for you!

Lap babies are welcome in the session.

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