Design SlingEZee Adjustable Ring Sling

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The perfect shoulder-padded carrier for a heavier baby – and SO versatile.  No buckles, straps, or belts!

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The Design SlingEZee™ by Baby Holdings is an old favorite and the most versatile carrier available!

  • Thick shoulder pad for shoulder comfort with heavier babies.
  • Soft rails for comfort of babies legs and arms.
  • No belts, buckles or straps to adjust.
  • Easy to wear and adjust with just the pull of the “sling tail”.
  • The SlingEZee™ never puts pressure between baby’s leg or suspends him in a “parachute” style harness resulting in pressure in the crotch and hip area.

Final sale.  No returns.

Please call to verify size and color available.  Stock changes frequently.


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Sling Size


To check to see if you are wearing the correct size SlingEZee, put your sling on with the tail pulled through the rings until the label is just below the rings. Ensure that the shoulder pad is on your shoulder cap, rather than on top of your shoulder. Check to see where the lower padded rail touches your body. The correct size will hit close to your waist. If it is closer to your hip, the sling is too long. If it comes up under your arm, the sling is too small.

Fitting hints

Sizing and wearing hints from the Special Addition Fitting Room:

  1. When putting the SlingEZee™ on for the first time, the sling should hit at the waist and NOT at the hip (too long).  A SlingEZee™ that hits under the arm is too short.
  2. For the most comfortable carry for baby and you, the baby should be carried on the upper portion of the wearer's body.
  3. Baby should always be "kissable" - riding high enough to kiss.
  4. With baby in the sling and with the final adjustment for positioning, the rings should land just in the spot where a corsage would be worn. Baby is always cradled in the softness of cotton fabric.

Note from Special Addition Staff:

We love this carrier because it's easily adjusted for numerous carries, and it is a great socialization tool when used for a facing-out carry allowing baby to experience more around him. Use it for a hip or back carry (for an older baby) without adjustments with belts, buckles or ties.

Fabric and Care

100% Cotton to machine wash warm; tumble dry low.

Loaner Program

Confused about the style of carrier you would like to use? Let Special Addition help!

Special Addition offers Austin, Texas, moms the opportunity to borrow a carrier for 1 week through our Loaner Program before committing with a final purchase. Due to the nature of the use of infant carriers, Special Addition is unable to accept the return of NEW carriers, so the Loaner Program is Special Addition's way of allowing a mom or dad to "test drive" a carrier before making a final purchase.

Special Addition Loaner Program Details

Customers in the Austin, Texas, Metro Area

  • Carrier Loaner Program is for a 7-day trial period.
  • Loaners will be paid for at the current price of a new carrier.
  • All our loaners are laundered and steamed between borrowers.
  • At the end of 7 days when the loaner is returned, you may choose the color you prefer.
  • If you choose to not keep a carrier, all but $10 (usage fee) will be refunded in the form of the original payment.
  • Borrowers will receive one-on-one instruction when obtaining a loaner. Only the colors of carriers from our loaner program are available.

Customers outside the Austin, Texas, Metro area

  • Should call 512-326-9308 to discuss sizing and details for obtaining a loaner.
  • Will have an extended trial period of 2 weeks - starting at the time of shipping and the arrival back to Special Addition.
  • Will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Any loaner carrier returned with damage caused by the user (to be determined by Special Addition) will be refunded only 50% of the original price.


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