Child Development Class

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Child Development Class.

The Road Ahead:  The First Twelve Months Child Development Class aims to help you understand how your child is growing, developing and learning during that first year.  This class can help you make informed parenting decisions and choose parenting strategies or approaches that are right for both you and your baby.  This is also a great class for adoptive parents or anyone who will be involved in your baby’s life.  No time for intense reading of books?  Then this 2 hour class is perfect and will give you confidence for The Road Ahead during the first 12 months.  Come with questions because Dr. Ellie Wheeler loves discussion!

Saturday 12:45 – 2:45

Instructor:  Dr. Ellie Wheeler

Save $ by choosing a Class Bundle option. Baby Bundle C or D –  $55

  • Baby Bundle C:  Child Development (Saturday, March 16 – $30)  + Infant Safety & CPR (Saturday, March 2 – $35)
  • Baby Bundle D:  Child Development (Saturday, May 18 – $30) + Infant Safety & CPR (Saturday, May 4 – $35)

NOTE:  If these Baby Bundle dates don’t meet your needs, you may mix and match available class dates for THESE two classes even after registering online.  Register for either option.  You may then just give us a call at 512-326-9308 or enter a message with your order at the time of completion.




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