Belly Bandit Belly Shield


Boost the effects of your belly moisturizer when you wear the Belly Shield.

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Used in combination with your favorite stretch mark creams and oils, Belly Bandit Belly Shield’s™ WonderWeave™ material allows your skin to soak in moisture while breathing and retaining nourishment. Wear your Belly Bandit® over the Shield to help tighten and shrink your belly, waist and hips while minimizing stretch marks and hydrating your skin! Use for C-section protection! As an added layer of protection on your incision, wear Belly Shield™ under your clothes to avoid abrasive rubbing or chaffing. Your favorite scar treatment creams or oils can be used with your belly shield.

*Belly Bandit not included.


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  • Helps to hold in moisturizers
  • Helps protect incision following a c-section
  • Offers a protective layer under your Belly Bandit garment