Infant Massage Class

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Quiet your fussy baby with patience and love through the power of infant massage.

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Infant Massage Class by BabyStrokes.  Learn the techniques for soothing an  infant.  Infant Massage relaxes the nerves, the muscles, and feeds the mind.  This class will teach you just the right techniques for calming a fussy baby and is a wonderful bonding experience with baby as well as relaxing the parent or caregiver.  This 60 minute, evidence-based class is for both expectant parents, nannies, au pairs, grandparents, and parents with newborn babies up to 8 months.

Wear comfy clothes, bring your yoga mat, a towel, or baby blanket, diaper bag and baby essentials, and your BABY…or favorite doll/teddy.

Thursdays 10:30 – 11:45 AM
$45 per couple or 2 family members.  (Not transferable)   Save $ by choosing a Class Bundle $105 option.

  • Baby Bundle B:  Infant Mass Class (Thursday, March 28 – $45) +  Baby Care Basics Class (Saturday, April 17 – $65)

NOTE:  If these Baby Bundle dates don’t meet your needs, you may mix and match available class dates for THESE two classes even after registering online.  Register for either option.  Then you may just give us a call at 512-326-9308 or enter a message with your order at the time of completion.


March Class:  Thursday, March 28, 2019



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