Momma Goose Baltic Amber Baroque Teething Necklace


For great teething pain relief, the Momma Goose Amber Teething Necklace comes in many Baroque (round bead) colors.

More Information

Product Description

The Momma Goose Baltic Amber Baroque (round bead) necklace is made with beads of genuine Baltic Amber from Lithuania.  Amber is a tree resin that has been fossilized for millions of years. When worn against the skin, the skins warmth releases healing oils from the amber, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Historically, Baltic Amber has been used as a traditional remedy for many ailments.



  • To get the most therapeutic value from the necklace, the baby should wear it as much as possible during the day. It is not recommended that the baby wear it to bed, or while unsupervised.
  • With each amber necklace, each bead is individually knotted on the string. This ensures that if the baby were to break the necklace, they would only be able to free one bead.
  • The plastic clasp at the back is free from all metals and allergens and is also held together by knots. This ensures if there were enough pressure placed on the necklace, the clasp would break open.

Fitting hints

Fitting Hints for Amber Necklaces from the Special Addition Fitting Room:

The Baltic amber necklaces come in two sizes:

  • small (11-11.5 inches)
  • medium (12-12.5 inches)

The necklace should not be so loose that the child can lift it up into his/her mouth, but it should not be so tight that it will be uncomfortable.  It is not designed to be "chewed on" for teething pain but rather to help ease teething pain as amber has been found to do.

Fabric and Care

  • Keep the amber from lotions, polishes, waxes and other residues that might coat the surface of the stones creating a barrier from the healing succinic acid.
  • Amber can be worn in the bath but not in the pool or hot tubs where chemicals are harmful to the amber. If the necklace needs to be washed, use warm water only, no soap.