The Importance of a Good Bra

Women today are beginning to more fully understand their bodies. They are learning that their breasts are not simply a cosmetic feature; they have a definite function in a delicate and complex system.

Throughout the breast is a network of lymph glands and milk ducts. Unless these glands and ducts drain properly, discomfort and even infection can occur. When the breast is elevated, circulation improves, the lymphatic system functions properly, and the ducts drain.

Sagging is caused by the pull of gravity over time and is influenced by hereditary factors, breast size, and lack of muscle tone. Breasts, unlike other parts of the body, have no muscles. With very little of their own construction to hold them up, they have to depend on a good bra for support. And contrary to out-dated information, going braless does not prepare the nipples for breastfeeding. Rather, it could possibly cause early nipple soreness as well as stretch the breast tissue promoting sagging.

During pregnancy, when the body begins growing and preparing for the birth of a baby, special attention should be given to a well-fitted bra–one that not only supports the changing breast size but promotes healthy functioning of the lymphatic and milk producing systems in the breast. Just as the tummy is expanding, so are the breasts and the rib cage. While some women change in size drastically and require several different bra sizes throughout their pregnancies, others change very little until the baby arrives and mature milk is produced.