Winter 2017
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Nursing Bonnet
by MoBoleez

$36.00 $10.00

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The Nursing Bonnet by MoBoleez is one of the most cleaver nursing covers you will find.  It's simply a small hat with a big brim for baby! Nothing to throw over your head or shoulder, just pop the little bonnet on baby and cover everything with style!   Beautiful, whimsical illustrations, soft, eco-friendly fabrics and fashionable colors all designed to celebrate the nursing mom.

Au Lait S'il Vous Plait (green), Au Lait S'il Vous Plait (pink), Beelicious (green), Cafe au Lait (blue), Cafe au Lait (pink), Elegance (black/white), Milky Way (blue), Milky Way (green), Mmmmm...(cream), Mmmmm...(pink)
0-6 Months, 6-12 Months

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